Trevor Lock - The Workshop + Show Experience

Trevor Lock - The Workshop + Show Experience

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Trevor Lock - The Workshop + Show Experience

Trevor Lock - The Workshop + Show Experience

Market bar Upstairs. Ballymahon St . See map

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Improv Workshop - How To Say Something (funny) When You’ve Got Nothing To Say! 

The Workshop will .be limited to just 12 places!

Trevor Lock is a comedian who does NOT tell jokes. Most of his shows are entirely improvised and also extremely funny. He wants to share with you how you can talk to anyone and make them laugh when you have nothing prepared! It’s a fun, practical workshop that might just change your life!

“What to say about Trevor’s workshop? That is a good question. Almost as good as why did I decide to take it. The answer: I don’t know. What I do know is that I’d take it again and again.” - Tommaso Fiacchino Cherry Road Films Hollywood Mar. 2014

"I attended Trevor's workshop expecting to learn what to say to an audience but came away learning something more valuable, the power of listening, watching and being present. Trevor showed us there is a truer, braver way to interact with the audience - be genuinely interested in them. More than just a workshop, an invaluable life lesson. A unique workshop from a unique performer."-  Peter Smith, Assistant Director, Barcelona Nov. 2018

The promoter has not specified underage access policy, if you have any question please contact directly with the promoter.

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