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In this section of FairerTIX (hereinafter known as, the Platform) the conditions that you must accept are included if you wish to contract any of the products or services that we offer on our Platform. Our Platform allows you to purchase tickets for different types of events organized by numerous organizers as well as different products associated with the events or artists (for example merchandising of artists, products associated with the activities carried out such as books, CD, etc.). In this document and unless some of them have any peculiarity regarding their hiring, we will refer to all the products that you can buy in Platform as Tickets or Products.


In case you want to obtain general information regarding our Platform or regarding our Privacy Policy, we recommend you read these other sections: Legal Notice and Cookies and Privacy Policy which you can find at the end of this document.


We hope you agree with everything stated here and in the rest of the legal documents; If not, we are sorry but you will have to stop browsing our website and you will not be able to use our service. In which case, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of the points listed here.


The areas contained in this section are:


1. Basic aspects of the Platform

2. What options does the Platform allow?

3. How to buy Tickets or Products through the Platform?

4. Suspension, substantial modification. or cancellation of an Event

5. Return Policy

6. Download of the Platform

7. Customer Service

8. Subscription to the newsletter


So let’sget started!


1.      Basic aspects of the Platform

Before buying tickets it is important to read the Purchase Conditions carefully in order to be sure that the Platform offers what you are looking for and that you agree with the sales conditions we offer.


These Terms of Purchase are available to the buyer before making the purchase and must be checked when promptedbefore makinga purchase.


By checking the option “I have read these Terms of Purchase and accept them” you agree to accept the following terms and conditions. Any new feature or tool that may be added to the current service will also be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase, although these new conditions will only apply to the Products that you have already acquired in case they offer you more advantageous options.


The reading and accepting these Purchase Conditions is a necessary condition for the use of the services of the Platform. These Purchase Conditions govern the relationship of the buyer of the Products (hereinafter, the “Buyer”) with the seller of the Product (hereinafter, the Organizer) and FairerTIX (hereinafter, “the platform”) in our capacity as intermediary. FairerTIXis contained within Ferdian Events a business owned by Stephen Padraic Garland and domiciled in Auburn Court – Harbour Row – N39 WF22 (Longford) with PPS 6679590Q. Contact e-mail


As a buyer you acknowledge having sufficient capacity to contract, and have read, understood and accept these Conditions of Purchase of the Platform.


2. What options does the Platform allow?

Through our Platform you can acquire all those Tickets and Products offered by the Organizers registered on the platform. From the platform we offer a space in which you can access different Events in a simple manner as well as the tickets associated with them. The platform only offers you a system in which you can access the Events in a unified way and you can buy the Tickets, in case you have any doubts about the purchase process, we recommend that you contact us by mail to


You must bear in mind that FairerTIX do not organize the Events nor establish the prices nor the conditions of access to them, so if your doubt or comment is about a specific Product or Entrance we recommend that you contact the Organizer directly first, since they will be able to offer you all the information you need at first hand.


In any case, we are at your disposal and we will be happy to assist you and act as an intermediary between you and the event organizer.


3. How to buy Tickets or Products through the Platform?

In case you are interested in acquiring Tickets for an Event simply choose it making sure to pay close attentionto the specific characteristics and be happy with them before proceeding to buy the Tickets.


Here we detail the different phases of the process of registration and acquisition of Tickets:


• Select the type and amount you need

• Enter the personal data if requested by the Organizer;

• Click on the “buy” button after which you will be redirected to the payment gateway;

• Complete the payment information;

• SUCCCESS!! You can now choose to save your ticket in 2 ways:


1.      As soon as you make the payment, you will be shown a page with a button that offers the option to“PRINT TICKETS”.


By clicking on the button you will download the entry directly to your computer.

II. You will receive the corresponding Tickets in the email you provided.


This document will be at all times the proof of purchase, in which the data of the Organizer is collected so that you have the information of it and you can go directly to it in case of incidence of any type and the link with these conditions and of the purchase so that you always have them at your disposal.


If you have had any problems during the purchase process, you can contact the platform via the email “”.

Our customer service team will answer as quickly and efficiently as possible, we always respond to all cases and try to expedite the communication between the buyer and the organiser to achieve a resolution as quickly as possible when necessary.


In any case, you guarantee that the information you provide is true and you are responsible for communicating any changes or updates to them. So you will be solely responsible for responding to false or inaccurate information that you provide and the data you provide in your relations with us, other users and very particularly with respect to the Organizers.


4. Suspension, substantial modification. Or cancellation of an Event

In the case of a suspended, substantially modified or cancellation the organizer has the responsibility to communicates said suspension, substantial modification or cancellation or if it is demonstrable through reliable means that it has occurred. In this case the client will receive from the Platform the refund of the total price paid for their entry (management fees included) within a maximum period of 10 working days from the communication of the organizer.


The refund will be made to the current account associated with the card used by the buyer in the process of purchasing the tickets. The client will not have to take any further action since it will be the Platform itself that will proactively perform said return. However we will be happy to answer any queries received from the customers who write to us or call regarding the case.

Except when that the purchase has been processed through a payment gateway owned by the developer and not the Platform. In this case, the organizer of the event will be responsible for processing said return. If this is the case, the buyer is notified before making the purchase that the purchase will be made through a payment gateway whose property is not the Platform but the property of the event organizer.


On the other hand, to confirm the realization of the event, the Platform makes available to the client both the different communication channels and an email to leave comments on the event (this message is sent approximately 24 hours after the event has taken place and provided that the promoter has not chosen to send this email to collect comments).



5. Return Policy

Attendees to the shows and other events, have the right to experience the show or to participate in the other events. They also have the right to have these events carried out in their entirety, according to the way and conditions in which they have been announced. Users will be entitled to full or partial refund of the amount paid for the locations, in the event that the show or other eventis suspended or substantially modified, except in those cases in which the suspension or modification occurred once the show started or other eventand cancelled due to force majeure. All this without prejudice to the claims that were appropriate in accordance with the civil and commercial regulations applicable.


With regard to the right of withdrawal as a consumer, merely informative, we indicate that the applicable regulations, specifically article 103 section l) of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, specifically excludes the right of withdrawal to provide services related to leisure activities.


6. Unsubscribing from the Platform

You can request to unsubscribe from our Platform at any time by sending an email to and we will process it in the shortest possible time. We will not ask you for justification to make the withdrawal effective, although we do reserve the right to consult you for the reasons for said withdrawal for statistical purposes and improvement of the service. In any case, before doing so, you must bear in mind that:

• Do not have any process to purchase Tickets and / or Open Products.

• You must bear in mind that we will erase all the data associated with your account and if you later decide to become part of our Platform, your new profile, even if it is associated with the same email account, will start from scratch.



7. Customer Service

We offer you a Customer Service through our help system. Here we are at your disposal to tell us all the doubts you have regarding the Platform and the service we provide through it.


The Customer Service is limited to the sale of Tickets and Products and the Platform, without which we can answer questions about the event itself, admission policy, press, etc., since we do not have this information and so that the resolution of your query is as agile as possible you should go directly to the Organizer.


In all cases, the Customer Service will be available at the following times:

• Monday to Thursday working: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• Fridays: from 10 am to 11 pm

• Saturdays: from 5 pm to 11 pm

• Sundays: from 12 to 2pm


You can also follow us and contact via Facebook and Twitter.


8. Subscription to the newsletter

When making a purchase you are invited to check the box "I want to subscribe to the Newsletter". In which case, you give us your permission that both we as a platform and the organizer of the event for which you are buying tickets will send you communication and promotion material.


Legal warning

If you have come this far it is because you are looking for information about who is behind the platform, so as we like to be very transparent, we provide all our contact information, so you can transmit what you want. FairerTIX (we can also refer to our website as the Platform) is owned by FERDIAN EVENTS business owned by Stephen Padraic Garland, and domiciled in Auburn Court - Harbour Row - N39 WF22 (Longford); with PPS. 6679590Q.

Full contact details and information of the entity can be found at


If you want to tell us anything, you can write to us directly at and we will gladly assist you.


In this section of the Platform we give general information about it, but if you want to know how the services we offer or our privacy policy work, you will have to go to the following sections:

• Contract Conditions.

• Cookies and Privacy Policy.


We hope you agree with everything we say here and in the rest of the legal documents; if not, we are sorry but you will have to stop browsing our website and you will not be able to use our service (although we hope you will change your mind soon!).


I.- WHAT IS FairerTIX?

FairerTIX is the platform dedicated to the creation of tools that facilitate the organization and participation in events of different types, through the Platform we wanted to offer both a simple way to acquire tickets for events and provide event organizers with a useful and creative tool to organize and sell tickets for your events.

Therefore, through the Platform, you can have two types of roles: event organizer (including the sale of tickets) or as a ticket buyer. In other words, you have different options for interaction with the FairerTIX, the characteristics of each one of them are detailed in our Contract Conditions.



If you do not register in the platform you can only buy tickets for the different events organized through the platform.In the case where you want to organize an event, it is necessary to register in the Platform.


This section of the Platform only regulates the generic use of our FairerTIX, since the specific terms both for the purchase of tickets and for the organization of events will be provided in the Contracting Conditions. You have the possibility to print this document and if you have any questions, we can provide you with the answers via our email



The mere accessingof the Platform makes you an unregistered user of the Platform, so, as we have already mentioned, when browsing the Platform you are accepting, without reservation, this Legal Notice.

In order to respect the platform and all its users, you agree to the following (as you will see, everything is very reasonable):

• Use of FairerTIX,the Platform, its services and the contents offered should take place in respect of the law, morals, best practice and public order, in a diligent and correct manner.

• Among other aspects, youagree not to make illicit copies of the contents shown on the Platform, to disseminate the content, reproduce it outside the Platform, take screenshots, or any other act that involves the fixation, distribution or making available of the materials contained on the Platform.

• You also agree not to use the registered trademarks of the platform or any other exclusive intellectual property of ours.

• In the event that you decide to purchase tickets through the Platform, you must read and accept the Contract Conditions relating to the purchase of tickets.



In order to offer you the platform there are different elements that must be taken into account; for that reason and in an explanatory way, we detail what aspects do not depend on us and therefore will not be our responsibility either directly or indirectly:


• Illegitimate uses that users may make of trademarks, names of products or services, or in general, of any intellectual property by a third party.

• Regarding our specific responsibility in relation to the sale of tickets and the organization of events, you can read all the details in the Contract Conditions.



We wanted to leave the most technical part to the end; As you probably know, cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on the device or computer of the visitor visiting the Platform through your browser. We reserve the right to use cookies to, among other things, provide you with easy navigation on our Platform and the most convenient access to the information that we provide.


If you want to know more, we offer you detailed information of the cookies we use in our Cookies and Privacy Policy.


Finally, we want the relationship with our users to be simple and spontaneous, therefore, if you believe that any information or content on the platform is contrary to the Law, or you believe that it violates your rights, it is deceptive or does not comply scrupulously with the law, please, contact us by writing to the email address


Welcome and enjoy being part of the best way to enjoy and organize events!



If you have read our Legal Notice, you will have verified that we give special importance to cookies. This is because the international data protection organizations believe that cookies are so important that they deserve a specific section in any Internet project. Thus, to comply with its rules, the platform informs you that we use cookies on our website (hereinafter, the Website); If you browse through it, you are accepting the Cookies Policy that we will describe below.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files or pieces of information that are hosted on your device or computer through your browser, in order to allow us to offer you a more fluid and personalized navigation.


Why do we use cookies?

Thanks to these cookies you can, for example, avoid having to log in every time you visit the Website, and allow us to know your preferences so we can show you advertising related to your tastes (avoiding advertising that is of no interest to you).


What types of cookies are there?

To facilitate the understanding of these mechanisms, we will detail below the different types of existing cookies, both those for which we need your consent, as well as those that are necessary for the basic functionality of the website:

• Technical Cookies: these are necessary and strictly intended to allow you to browse the Website. This type of cookie includes, for example, those that are used when entering with your user data in order to track your data entered when filling in online forms, or those necessary to manage the statistics of the website.

• Cookies necessary to provide a specific service expressly requested by you: for example will be those that allow access to a private area of ​​the web associated with your profile, content publication, sign up for events, etc.

• Cookies managed by third parties for the personalization of advertising spaces or use of Social Plugins: these types of cookies allow us to adapt the different advertising sections that may appear on the website according to your tastes and interests in order to personalize the best possible environment on the Website according to your specific characteristics.

In particular, the following cookies are used for browsing the Website:

Name – Function - Duration

Property of the platform -  Correct operation of the system and purchase process  - until the end of the session

Property of google Analytics – Analysis and follow- 1 year

New Archive- System monitoring and service quality -  Until end of session


Can I manage cookies?

Of course you can manage cookies;  you can do so in the configuration of your browser and in case you had chosen to configure your browser with the option of automatic acceptance of cookies, our Website will identify the chosen configuration in order to inform you again about this aspect and request your express authorization.


It is possible to see in your browser the different options available regarding the management of cookies: basic functions, improvements in the Website, personalization, advertising, etc. Depending on the browser you are using, the way to disable cookies may vary. The most usual option is to do it through the Options or Tools menu.


The platform includes two sections dedicated to the different social networks to which it is connected, in particular Facebook and Twitter. In the event that you select the option to access these social networks you will be directed to the pages of these social networks; so you should consult their Cookies and Privacy Policies since, being third-party sites, the platform has no power or knowledge of the cookies used on its pages.


We inform you that to disable cookies managed by third parties you can do so through their cookie management pages such as Adobe Flash or Google Analytics.


In any case, we remind you that in the case of disabling cookies it is possible that you can not use certain parts or sections of the Website. Finally we want to remind you (we have almost finished), that in the case that you delete browser cookies it is likely that you should install them again.


Other aspects

By browsing the Website you recognize that you have read and accept this Cookies Policy and authorize the use by the platform of the different types of cookies mentioned above, in order to allow you full use of the Website. If you have any doubts or want to ask us any questions regarding the cookies we use, we are available to you at the email




Stephen Padraic Garland hereby informs users of the FairerTIX website (hereinafter "the website") of its Privacy Policy and describes what data it collects, how it uses them, the options of the users in relation to use this data, your rights, the security of your data, commercial communications and the modification of the confidentiality policy.

In the processing of personal data, the platform ensures compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals. The purpose of this regulation is to guarantee and protect, with regard to the processing of personal data, the public freedoms and fundamental rights of natural persons, and in particular their honour and personal and family privacy.


The use of the website and any of the services that are incorporated into the website, implies acceptance of the conditions presented below.


However, the platform reserves the right to modify this Data Protection Policy at any time, in order to adapt it to new legislation or changes in its activities, so it recommends that the User review them periodically to be informed of how protect your information.


The Platform guarantees at all times full compliance with the obligations set forth by the data protection and services regulations of the information society, as well as by any other Law or regulation that complements or replaces the previous ones.


Responsible for administration of data


Personal data collected through the website of the platform, will be incorporated into a file held as the responsibility of The platform.


Purpose of processing and quality of data


We inform you that the personal data requested in our forms or provided by users in the process of purchasing products through our website, will be included in our personal data files, whose owner and responsible is the platform


All data collected will be treated with due confidentiality in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data, under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. The platform will keep a corresponding register of personal data processing activities.


The data that we request are adequate, specific and necessary for the purpose for which they are collected, and will not be used with any other than the one that has been transferred.


Likewise, for the necessary provision of the contracted service, the user accepts that the platform communicates its personal data to the provider of the services that the user reserves. The user will have access to these conditions during the purchase process. Likewise, in cases where it is not you who should benefit from the reservation made, you expressly agree to obtain the consent of those third parties who should benefit from it, before communicating their data to the platform.


The user will respond, in any case, of the veracity of the facilitated data and will be responsible for communicating to the platform any modification in the same, reserving the platform the right to exclude from the registered services any user who has facilitated false data, without prejudice of the other actions that proceed in Right.


The platform may treat the personal data of Users for the following purposes:


Registration of Promoters: The data provided by the Promoters will be used for the provision of services provided through the Website, as well as to send through newsletter of changes and communications related to the service, and that may be of interest to you.


At the time of registration, you provide us with some basic information, including an email address and a password. You agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of your password. You are solely responsible for anything that happens as a result of your failure to maintain such security and confidentiality.


Purchase of Tickets: To manage the contracting of the products and services offered through the Website or by telephone, as well as for the management of the contractual relationship between the platform and the Users. During the contracting process, financial data (bank cards) may be collected for the purpose of communicating them to the entities that manage the collection. This purpose responds to the free and legitimate acceptance of the legal relationship between the User and the platform that implies the connection of this treatment with files of third parties for the fulfilment of the specified purposes.

Access to the private area: Manage the registration and subsequent data that users could generate through this area in order to carry out the general administration of their account, maintenance, control and management of their relationship with the platform.

Buyers: The data provided by users at the time of purchase will be made available to promoters for future communications.

Promoter’s pages: All data provided through contact forms established in the spaces intended for the promoter will be visualized not only by the promoter, but also by the platform.

Gathering information

We collect information that belongs to two general categories:

1. Information you provide to us.

The platform collects and requests certain personal data for the use and proper functioning of the website. Without this data, it may not be possible to provide all the services requested.

- By completing the Registration Form, Users must provide the following data, which must be accurate and truthful: name, surname, email and password.

- You can choose to provide us with more information by completing a contact form, or by contacting us directly through the email address.

- During the ticket purchase process, additional economic, financial or insurance data may be requested (such as the number of your credit or debit card or contracting event cancellation insurance) in order to carry out the execution of services.

2. Information we collect from Third Parties.

When you access our website, we collect information about the User's use of the Website as browsing may obtain data about your IP address, browser type, time of access and the addresses of the websites from which the User has accessed, as well as browsing data. Gathering this information allows the platform to adapt the content, offer and navigation of each User to improve our services and their experience on the Website.

User rights

The User may exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, portability and limitation, by addressing the platforms via the email, or sending written notice to the following postal address: FairerTix Auburn Court - Harbour Row - N39 WF22 (Longford) with proof of identity by a scanned copy of their ID card or equivalent document, and specifying the right you want to exercise.

The platform informs its Users of the possibility they have to present a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency in case they understand that they have not obtained the correct assistance in the exercise of the rights mentioned in this paragraph.

Data transfer with third parties

They will be able to accede to the personal character data of the Users:

- those third parties or collaborators who provide services to the platform

- the organisers of the events that the User attends in order to manage the provision of services, to contact the User in the event that the event undergoes any type of modification, as well as to comply with any legal requirements.

How do we protect your personal information?

We are committed to protecting your personal information. We use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information and privacy, and we review such measures periodically. We protect your personal information by using a combination of physical, computer or logical security controls, including access controls that restrict and manage the way your personal information and personal data is processed, administered and managed.

Term of Conservation of data

The platform informs its Users that their personal data will be kept for the time strictly necessary for the purposes of the administration for which it has been supplied, provided that the User has not revoked their consent and in any case, following as a criterion the principle of data minimisation contemplated in the applicable regulations.

If you exercise your right to suppression, your data will be blocked and kept in a restricted manner at the disposal of the competent authorities for the time and for the legal effects established in the applicable regulations to attend to the possible responsibilities arising from the processing. Once this period has elapsed, they will be eliminated.


In general, to use the Website minors must have previously obtained the authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be responsible for all acts performed through the Portal by minors under their care. In those Services in which it is expressly indicated, access will be restricted only and exclusively to those over 14 years of age.

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